A new study published in the journal Intelligence suggests that brains aren’t necessarily a route to riches. The author, Jay Zagorsky of Ohio State University, set out to see if there’s a link between IQ and financial success, particularly in terms of income, net worth and whether you’re running from creditors. The most interesting stat: People with IQs above 140 go bankrupt nearly as often as those with scores of 80. This probably isn’t news to all the brilliant, debt-laden graduate students and post-docs filling our nation’s campuses, wondering how they’re ever going to repay their loans.

But there is hope. We’d suggest looking up Jim Simons, a former math professor at Stonybrook University who turned himself into a billionaire hedge fund manager. Though Simons, who recently bailed out the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider with a $13 million cash infusion when its funding was cut, is very private, he’s supposedly fond of hiring ex-scientists to work at his company, Renaissance Technologies. Can’t find that assistant professor job? Go make some money instead. As Simons has shown, science needs billionaires, too.—Gregory Mone

Via USA Today