You may have noticed that, as of Friday, there are a few new additions to the rules in the “About” section of PPX. We posted to the forums about the rules change, but we wanted to post here as well, to make sure all users are aware of the new policies.

PPX was established for two purposes: 1) to let PopSci readers and other interested players actively participate in making predictions about the future of science and technology and 2) to generate the most accurate data possible about these predictions. We hoped to accomplish these two goals without imposing too many rules and restrictions on the market, but we’ve observed trading behaviors that make it clear that a more explicit anti-manipulation policy is necessary for maintaining a fair and fun environment for all PPX members.

Please read the “About” page for a summary of the revised rules. These rules are now being actively enforced. Thanks for your patience as we continue to grow and develop PPX. –The PPX Staff