A revised version of a brutal video game called Manhunt 2 will go on sale around Halloween. Originally, the U.S. Entertainment Software Ratings Board slapped the title with an “Adults Only” label. This was essentially a death warrant, since none of the big console manufacturers allow games with that rating to run on their machines. Take-Two Interactive Software, the publisher of Manhunt 2, modifed the game, which reviewers at IGN called the “goriest game we’ve ever seen.”

Take-Two is the same company that created the similarly frightening BioShock, and also publishes the Grand Theft Auto series. So, you know, they’re kind of accustomed to this controversy thing.

The preview for Manhunt 2 is straight out of a horror movie. I’m frightened just writing about it. In the game, you’re the unlucky outcome of a government-funded project gone wrong. You have little or no memory, and essentially have to kill your way out of insane asylum. It’s kind of like tossing Jason Bourne into one of the Hostel flicks. Personally, I prefer the little pizza-tossing brothers hopping around giant mushroom land, but if you’re into the whole virtual maiming thing, I’d definitely give this a try.—Gregory Mone