Start saving now. A new player in the space hotel market has announced that it’s planning to welcome guests in 2012. The price? A three-night stay will run $4 million.

To get its orbital hotel rooms into place, The Galactic Suite Project, as it’s called, will launch each one independently. Tourist trips will start with an extended training program set on a tropical island. Then a rocket-powered ship will carry four passengers and two pilots into orbit, where they’ll rendezvous with the hotel. While it’s unclear whether the company’s technology is on track for that 2012 deadline, the group certainly has its sales pitch down. My favorite line: “Imagine being in a weightless spa while watching 15 sunsets a day.” Uh, no, sorry, can’t do that. Guess I’ll have to scrounge up that $4 million to see what it’s like.—Gregory Mone