The Vectrix, a new all-electric motor scooter, is getting some press in the Bay Area, where it’s being billed as an environmentally-friendly commuting vehicle. The bike, which plugs into a wall outlet and recharges in two to three hours, has a top speed of 60 miles per hour, and decent range: A Vectrix executive estimates that it will go for 60 miles at about 45 miles per hour.

These all-electric, no-emissions scooter are already a staple in some European cities, but it might take a lower price tag for the Vetrix to catch on here. At $11,000, the bike is far more expensive than similarly-size, gas-powered models. So, while you’re saving serious money at the pump – it costs pennies per gallon – that initial price forces you to play catch-up. Still, if a company’s going to try to sell people an $11,000 all-electric scooter, San Francisco’s probably the place to do it.—Gregory Mone