What’s better than careening through the deep blue sea on a hot August day or traversing a winter wonderland during a crisp January morning? How about cruising warm, sticky asphalt any time of year? Bombardier Recreational Products, makers of seadoos and skidoos, has just introduced the CanAm Spyder, a three-wheeled beast of a motorcycle. The Spyder boasts a race-proven 990cc Rotax V-Twin engine hitched to a rear wheel over half a foot wide. Those 7 inches of rubber in back force all 106 horses up through the two front wheels, while the Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) and Vehicle Stability System (VSS) harness those ponies into a thoroughly enjoyable ride. VSS is a permanently enabled safety system featuring anti-lock brakes, traction control and stability control. Engineered in conjunction with Bosch, VSS prevents any slipping or sliding of the Spyder’s legs brought on by poor riding technique. The Spyder is available in a sequential manual 5-speed and a sequential electronic 5-speed transmission, both of which include a transmission-based reverse. This Y-architecture is a paradigm shift in the powersports industry. With a top speed of 110mph, a 0-60 time of 4.6 seconds, and a dry weight of 699 lbs. this machine devoured pavement like a tarantula does its prey. I hit 95 mph with ease on a three-hour tour of the Garden State’s beautiful shoreline, and the Spyder’s “flowing-edge design” turned heads faster than bronzed curves in a white bikini. Only available in Millenium Yellow or Full Moon Silver for now ($14,999), this CanAm fan is hoping for an All Black Widow edition in the near future. -MotoMatt Cokeley