Whether they’re going to beat up on Spidey or Jack Sparrow still remains to be seen, but the butt-kicking alien robots of Transformers have turned in a serious performance in their first two-plus days in theaters. Apparently, people really like big, battling robots, because the movie turned in more than $65 million in box office receipts by the end of July 4th. It opened to a single showing Monday night, then ran on a full schedule Tuesday and Wednesday. With four days left in the weekend, and a daily average of nearly $30 million, not counting that Monday preview, I’m guessing that Peter Parker’s spidey senses are tingling, Jack Sparrow is tossing back a few extra shots, and Master of Explosions Michael Bay is getting ready to crack a few bottles of bubbly with Optimus Prime. Could this film break box office records and close TRANSF, the PPX stock? So far, with a price of POP$29.50 at the time of this post, the market says no. What do you think will happen? Tell us in the comments. —Gregory Mone