With an air filter that eliminates odors and soft lighting that gets rid of the need to flip the switch in the middle of the night, shocking your sleepy eyes, Kohler’s new C3-200 toilet is set to bring U.S. consumers one step closer to the amazing toilets that have been available to discerning consumers in Japan for a decade (the Times reports that Japanese toilet engineers have unveiled a model that tells you your body-fat ratio and plays digital recordings of chirping birds to mask embarrassing sounds).

Okay, so it doesn’t have an MP3 player, but Kohler’s model boasts a bidet and technology that prevents the lid from slamming shut, allowing it to close slowly instead. There are also three temperature settings for its heated seat, and a remote control to get everything set up before you sit on the high-tech throne.

This toilet sounds like such a nice place to relax, in fact, that it almost demands web access. Ideally, the lid could be converted into a waterproof, wireless touch-screen Internet-only notebook designed solely for surfing, reading or perhaps watching a video or two. Granted, this might make the bowl a bit pricier, but once you start talking about paying $1,300 for a toilet seat, what’s a few hundred more? —Gregory Mone

Via Gizmag

(Image Credit: Kohler)