Traditionally, the cyber-terrorist is the most impotent of movie villains. He poses a vast and terribly confusing threat to some combination of the security and/or financial stability of the world, until a quick-thinking, muscle-bound hero comes along to punch him in the face and save the day. The sad thing is that although computers and technology are more prevalent in everyone’s lives these days, it’s hard to say whether we, as a group, understand much more about how they work—leaving Hollywood plenty of storytelling leeway. While we don’t know how this week’s revival of Bruce Willis’s signature franchise, Die Hard, will portray the brainy, Web-savvy villain, there is good news. Even if the story does come down to a fist-fight in the end, it’s nice to know that the bad guy in this movie actually knows how to throw a punch. Or a virtual one, anyway.—Gregory Mone

(Image Credit: 20th Century Fox)