Granted, this probably isn’t what they were thinking when Siemens designed this latest, higher-resolution version of a CT Scanner, but sometimes the unexpected applications are the coolest. Researchers studying the famous bust of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti stored in Berlin’s Altes Museum recently ran the sculpture through a scanner to look for details about what might be hidden inside. This had been done before, but the resolution at that point wasn’t sharp enough to reveal any telling features. Previously, the group, led by famed Egyptologist Zahi Hawass, had also scanned Tutankhamen’s mummy, revealing that the famed king had died at about 19 years of age and, contrary to some theories, had probably not been murdered. In a National Geographic Channel special that aired last night, the researchers reveal that neither of two mummies they examined is likely to be Nefertiti, but probably contain the remains of close relatives instead.—Gregory Mone

Via Medgadget