A cloud of Internet buzz is forming around an as-yet-unnamed JJ Abrams film (the project currently has the working-title “Cloverfield”) concerned with monsters destroying New York City. Details are scarce, although the rumors declare it’s either a new Godzilla film, a Gears of War film, an alien-invasion film or (I’ll freely admit, I’m hoping for this last one), a Cthulhu film. (Lovecraft fans will be cheered to hear that another Cthulhu film is set to be released sometime this fall.)

Of course, no hep flick worth its celluloid would launch without a viral marketing scheme— in this case a series of websites with puzzles, videos of various stripes on YouTube and loads of other stuff that will make you feel like an utter schmuck if you spend too much time on it. So watch the trailer, futz around on the sites if you must, and try to ignore the hype until the actual film comes out. Cthulhu fhtagn!** —Martha Harbison**