Though the standard text message typically consists of no more than a broken sentence or two, some people don’t mind thumbing out a bit more. A whole bunch more, actually. An Italian IT professional who commutes to work each day decided to use his spare time to write an entire book on his mobile. The result, Compagni di Viaggio (Fellow Travelers), clocks in at 384 pages.

The writer, Robert Bernocco, used the T9 function on his phone, but opted for normal Italian rather than text-message shorthand. Bernocco would type out a few short paragraphs, save them on the phone, then transfer them to his computer at home. He kept the master file, and did most of his proofreading and editing, on this machine, but we’re still amazed that he could crank out all of that material using only his thumbs.

Details on the plot of the science fiction novel are not available, in English, that is, but the process he went through has to make you wonder if the story includes a race of fast-typing aliens with tiny, tiny thumbs.

The book, which has not been translated into English, is available on—Gregory Mone

Via Reuters