Let’s hope this isn’t another false accusation, delivered before the verdict is in. A Duke University spokesman says the college has been working with Apple in preparation for the start of the school year, because that company’s new iPhones have supposedly frozen parts of the school’s wireless network for up to ten minutes at a time. Apparently a single iPhone requesting access to the network was enough to stall parts of the system, and there are already as many as 150 of the devices trying to get online. Administrators noticed the problem nine times in the last week alone. Now the network team is trying to fix the glitch before the full student body returns for classes next week. But the bigger question, to us: Who is buying all these kids iPhones? Yes, they are bright students, but how in the name of Jobs are they convincing their parents to pay $2,000 a year for their phones? There’s a good explanation of the possible network issues, but not the spoiled student problem, here.—Gregory Mone

Via AP