Transformers_, the toy-line turned film about a race of warring robots who bring their high-tech battle to Earth, has already earned more than $152 million since its Monday night premiere. According to reports, that’s the highest non-sequel opening ever, and the movie has already earned back production and marketing costs. Producer Paramount says it expected to lure in boys and young men, especially the hordes of now supposedly grown-up adults who spent so many hours of their youth – OK, our youth – cheering for good guy Optimus Prime, but in a surprise, the movie also played well with mothers. There’s no explanation for this phenomenon just yet, but it would be nice if a few psychologists set to work trying to make sense of it. And the best news to come out of this monster opening? There’s sure to be another Transformers, with a few added robot cast-members, before too long.—Gregory Mone