My Parisian gear list [clockwise from left]:

  • Portable 60GB hard drive in a media-ready enclosure. It has cables that plug into a TV and a remote control, so, ideally, I can download video using Democracy or something like it and watch it on the set here in the apartment. More on this experiment later.
  • 15-inch Mac PowerBook (not an Intel machine, sniff)
  • Pair of Nokia N73 phones, courtesy Nokia. One contains a sim card kindly donated by T-Mobile so that I can check out its WorldClass service. The other contains a prepaid French sim purchased through Telestial before I left.
  • Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype
  • Old Logitech webcam in case anyone misses my handsome mug
  • Canon Rebel XT (not pictured: my Canon SD550, with which I took this photo)
  • Waterfield Designs accessory bag. This is designed to clip onto Waterfield’s excellent laptop sleeves, but I use it to hold all my cords and adapters.
  • Belkin Wireless G Travel Router. This thing is truly palm-size, handles super-secure WPA2 encryption, and can be powered by USB. It’s out of stock at Belkin’s site, but you should be able to pick it up cheaply elsewhere.
  • iPod Mini with Nike+iPod Sport Kit. I’m running the Paris Marathon on April 15, so I need to do a few last training runs, and this system will be crucial in a place where I don’t know the mileages.
  • Game Boy Advance. Tiger Woods Golf can get me through any airport delay.
  • 4G 40-gigabyte iPod with Talking Panda’s iLingo Europack for brushing up on my French, which currently consists mostly of nasal grunts. (iLingo is basically a bunch of notes linked to audio files so you can select the English word and then see the French word and hear the pronunciation.)
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 with European maps. I love me some Nuvi back in the States, so I’m keen to wander these crazy side streets with one.
  • Nokia N800 Internet tablet. We’ve been playing with these in the office since the 770 came out, but I’ve never really carried one. I’m curious to see how useful it is on the go and how easily I can tether it to the N73 over Bluetooth so I can use it anywhere, not just at hotspots.

I just got in this morning and have some first impressions, but I’ll save that post for tomorrow when I’ve had a good night’s sleep and a few croque monsieurs.