The results are in for our Use It Again challenge! We were completely blown away by the amount of quality entries we received, and distilling them down to a smaller list of winners was a pretty excruciating task, but alas, someone had to bag the top prize. And that person was Instructables user radiorental, who transplanted the guts of a wireless router into an uber-slick vintage casing (pictured here), complete with a working analogue network traffic gauge pulled from an old boat. We’ll be featuring it in an upcoming issue of PopSci, a nice bonus to go along with the sweet grand-prize Canon Rebel XT DSLR.

Also, congratulations to the first prize and honorable mention winners, whose projects we’ll be featuring here in the near future:

**First Prize:

**Honorable Mention:

We’re pumped to do this all again soon, so keep an eye out here for details on what’s coming up next. —John Mahoney