PopSci is all about the children—we staunchly believe, as the sage Whitney Houston instructed us, that we should teach them well and let them lead the way. Unless, of course, they’re the kind of kids who tend to wander off while you’re on vacation.

Fortunately, we’ve got that base covered too. In the April issue, How 2.0 featured a “Hardware Trick of the Month” showing how to recover a lost USB drive by equipping it with a piece of software that displays a custom message requesting its return whenever it’s plugged into a computer. It turns out one prescient reader took the trick a step further, attaching drives to lanyards and hanging them around the necks of his young children while the family was at Disneyland. Sure enough, his three-year-old son disappeared, only to be found by a Good Samaritan and brought to the Happiest Security Facility on Earth. Security personnel then plugged in the USB drive, got the boy’s name and his parents’ contact information, and he was returned quickly and safely—an ending befitting, well, a Disney movie. Check out the full story from our friends at Daily Cup of Tech, who wrote the original script for the USB trick. —Doug Cantor

Link – Have Your Lost USB Drive Ask For Help