Episode 35: Electric Cars

Remember when electric cars only went 20 mph and ran out of juice after ten minutes of uphill driving? Those were the days. Steve Schneider is the CEO of a California company called ZAP that sells electric vehicles – not hybrids mind you, real honest-to-goodness electric cars – and it sounds like they might actually be useful for say, driving from one place to another. Even the tiny weird-looking ones are kind of sexy, and the prototype electric SUV he describes may be the perfect vehicle for both road-rage crazed soccer moms and tree-hugging hippies.

Hopefully this is another one of those cases where the environmentally
friendly option doubles as the smart business decision. A few days after I interviewed Steve I actually saw a striped Xebra electric in the wild, so I know he’s sold at least one. Fingers crossed—Jonathan Coulton

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Episode 35: Electric Cars Episode 35: Electric Cars Episode 35: Electric Cars