Ah, granulated chemicals—is there no end to your wonders? A British toy company has used them to come up with a solution to your kids’ bath-time avoidance strategy: Turn the bath into thick pink slime with a dash of Gelli Baff, better known around these parts as sodium polyacrylate, a super-absorbent polymer also found in disposable diapers. If the young’uns are fond of Ghostbusters 2 (are kids still into those movies?), I can’t think of a better way to get them psyched about jumping in the tub. And if you’re wondering about the potential havoc the stuff might wreak on your plumbing, not to worry. Just toss in the “dissolver packet” to turn the slime back into the liquid form from which it came.

You can buy a four-pack of Gelli Baff for £20, or a full pound of good ol’ sodium polyacrylate (table salt works fine for the dissolving agent) at —John Mahoney

Link via our pals at Boing Boing.