Productivity is at an all-time low around the office since we discovered‘s watering-hole webcam. Set atop a termite mound and focused on a little pond on Sabi Sands Game Reserve, which abuts South Africa’s Kruger National Park, the 24-hour-a-day “Africam” pans and zooms to get the best, longest view of the creatures that visit. Right now it’s nighttime in the reserve, and nary a wildebeest is stirring, but earlier we saw a pack of impala, a herd of snorting buffalo, a critter that appeared to be a hyena and, best of all, a hulking rhino looking for a drink. OK, so a lot of the time, nothing happens, but it’s fun to keep a window open on your desktop anyway. The sound of chirping crickets calms this beleaguered cubicle dweller, and it’s a gas to yell “Warthog!” across the office and see your colleagues come running. —Martha Harbison