step 1Hamburger fold squared

neatly fold the 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper in half (hamburger fold…. ahhhh, those were they days). open it, and fold the two flaps into the middle, so it is split in 4, but DO NOT CREASE YET!!!

Paper WalletPaper Wallet

step 2fold in 1/2 and then crease

now fold the paper in 1/2 and crease from the fold you just made, out. notice how it has a natural tendancy to “stay closed”, this is the basic wallet shape. now unfold.

Paper WalletPaper Wallet

step 3Cut

Cut along the black lines (viewed from the “inside”) please note picture comments.

step 4Fold flaps

fold the 2nd and 4th flaps from the top “inside” in either side.

step 5Tape

tape the lower cut (not the dimond) so both sides are flush, your paper will not be flat anymore.

NOTE: this step can be done after zipper folding, it will be harder, but the wallet will lay flatter and be more square.

you can also put a small peice of tape at the top of the dimond (on the 2nd pannel down)

as this is now the wallets weakest point

now refold, like in step 2

step 6Crease again

neatly crease the wallet starting from the back to the edges. 2 “flaps” should be sticking out of each end of the wallet.

Paper WalletPaper Wallet

step 7Zipper Folding

this will lock the ends of the wallet. plesae use the pictures comments.

open one end of the wallet so the “credit card” flap is on one side, and the other 3 layers are on the other.

fold flap one OVER the core, tward flap 2, into the wallet.

PIC 2: fold the now 2 layer core over to flap 2’s side and fold flap 2 over, into the wallet

crease, and you should have a neat end with a seprate creditcard pocket like in pic 3

repeat to other end

Paper WalletPaper WalletPaper Wallet

step 8OMG your done already!

this wallet should easily hold tons of cash, 4 esily accessible creditcards, and 2-4 more “locked” creditcards

the outside (edge) creditcard slot has a flap you tucked in. unfold this flap, put cards in, refold flap, and they should be locked in, you can now put another card in this pocket.

this wallet is very durable due to its construction, please don’t be a jackass and say “it will just fall apart in like a month, you should use Tyvec or something. i bet it isnt even waterpoof!”. at least not until you make it and wear it around for a while. (but feel free to use tyveck if you have it)

any questions/improvements/praises PLEASE COMMENT!

Paper WalletPaper Wallet

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Paper Wallet Apr 25, 2007. 9:18 AMHamilt0nsays:I made one today using paper from a 2-pocket school folder. Granted, it is thicker than regular paper, but it seems to be a bit more durable. Paper WalletApr 25, 2007. 9:18 AMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 25, 2007. 8:01 AMsteve-0says:Cool, thank you! Apr 25, 2007. 8:01 AMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 25, 2007. 12:46 AMrachelsays:oh, the options! i may have to make one of these as well as a keyboard and a duct tape one. excellent job! Apr 25, 2007. 12:46 AMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 24, 2007. 9:37 PMDaveSkurasays:LOVE IT !!!!! Apr 24, 2007. 9:37 PMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 24, 2007. 12:31 PMnagutronsays:The Digg thread for this Instructable has a few people suggesting that someone make a paper wallet out of actual currency. Which, in my opinion, would be Teh Shit. Apr 24, 2007. 12:31 PMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 24, 2007. 1:45 PMjeffreyfsays:Hrm… that’s definitely doable. A little tape would be needed, but it could be done. Crisp bills would work best. Do you know where to get mint-fresh cash? Apr 24, 2007. 1:45 PMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 24, 2007. 3:57 PMcarycarysays:I read somewhere where you can buy full sheets of uncut money from the treasury website. That would be ever so cool. I had a friend that bought a sheet of uncut ones quite a while back. He cut them all out so that the middle of the one was the corner of four bills. Try giving that to someone. It was really funny. Apr 24, 2007. 3:57 PMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 24, 2007. 5:19 PMjeffreyfsays:Good call! I found the link: Apr 24, 2007. 5:19 PMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 24, 2007. 7:43 PMlebowskisays:I wish I could print money just like that. Apr 24, 2007. 7:43 PMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 24, 2007. 4:56 PMregistered99says:It works okay. It bends a lot when I tried to put the 20 $1’s that I usually carry. How do I fix this, please? Apr 24, 2007. 4:56 PMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 24, 2007. 4:20 PMPopScisays:Very, very cool. Great way to avoid the Costanza effect, if you know what I mean 🙂 Apr 24, 2007. 4:20 PMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 24, 2007. 12:02 PMTonyRomerosays:Very nice!… Watch my tetrabrick wallet version! Apr 24, 2007. 12:02 PMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 24, 2007. 10:27 AMkewpiedoll99says:i never tried an instructable before, so this was my first, and i think it’s rad. me likey! one question: what is a “hamburger fold”? and what were its days? Apr 24, 2007. 10:27 AMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 24, 2007. 10:34 AMbilly_the_punksays:Ahh. Hamburger fold. So with a standard piece of paper, you can fold it in half two ways: The first way is so the fold is on the long edge, so an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet folded the hamburger way becomes 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 The alternative is the ‘hotdog’ fold, which is the opposite. You fold on the short edge, and your page is now 4 1/4 by 11. I learned this in elementary school in the early 90’s. Apr 24, 2007. 10:34 AMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 24, 2007. 8:35 AMKarnatossays:This is the first instructables I’ve decided to try. It was easy to make. It is very useful. I have 4 cards and some cash in it right now! I’ll be showing some kids how to make their own wallets now; most of them would think it pretty cool that they made their own. Thanks for the cool project theRIAA! Apr 24, 2007. 8:35 AMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 24, 2007. 7:00 AMspookstersays:Works really well, but I’ve only got access to A4 paper which is a little bit narrower than letter. Turns out that you have to make the flaps quite small in order for the wallet to be big enough to hold your cards… Apr 24, 2007. 7:00 AMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 24, 2007. 4:48 AMalexdcdsays:You can do this without any tape or glue just one sheet of paper or other material that you want to use. And the taping is an ugly method. Simply follow the instructions but instead of cutting a slice to be able to cut the diamond shape, all you do it fold the paper and cut a Symetrical shape, like a snowflake (child thing) and you have no need for tape. Apr 24, 2007. 4:48 AMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 24, 2007. 1:02 AMyesteraysays:I made folds a half inch from the long edges to pre-crease the zipper folds and to be able to easily cut every side cut the same length. Then on the next step, instead of folding 2 and 4 in, fold 1 and 3 out. Apr 24, 2007. 1:02 AMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 24, 2007. 12:35 AMromanticterrorsays:This is godly. I just made a wallet with little to no effort…sure it’s frankensteined together, but I’m impressed, as it is a lot more compact and minimalist like I like. Thank you so much! Apr 24, 2007. 12:35 AMREPLY
Paper Wallet Apr 23, 2007. 10:30 PMcebaileysays:When I first saw this, my first thought was: Gay. But it so happens I’m in the market for a wallet, and I’m super bored tonight, so I decided to give it a try. This is freaking sweet. It’s half as thick as a leather wallet. It’s the perfect thickness for using it in my front pocket, and the outside pocket is perfect for clipping a Pilot G2 Mini pen. One thing I’d suggest adding: give some thickness to the cuts for the “locking flaps”--like about twice the thickness of the marker lines on the example. This keeps the locking flaps from bunching up toward the edges. I’ll be stealing a FedEx or USPS envelope from work tomorrow to make a Tyvek one! Apr 23, 2007. 10:30 PMREPLY

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