You’d have to be an idiot to screw up PC Mover, a piece of software that lets you migrate all your documents and installed programs from your old PC to a new one. Install the program on both computers, plug in the included and special-looking USB cable from one to another, run the program on both boxes, and watch the magic happen. There’s really only one instance in which you have to think AT ALL: It asks you (on both machines) if you are on the old computer or the new computer. Apparently, I messed that up (because I’m an idiot and, according to my neighbors who heard me lamenting my screw-up with much profanity and volume late last night, a complete psycho). No worries, though. I later discovered that PC Mover doesn’t wipe the destination machine; it just creates a new user profile and moves all your old stuff over there. Thank God. —Joe Brown