There have been a number of attempts made to reincorporate album art—arguably the most tragic victim of the digital music age—back into our more abstract binary lives. Most have been honorable efforts (cover art on color-screened music players, iTunes’s little box in the corner), but no implementation that I’ve seen comes close to touching the elegance of my new favorite shareware app, CoverFlow. Grabbing album art for your iTunes Library from a variety of sources, the software lines up all of your library’s covers in a scrollable, searchable horizontal row that whizzes over the shiniest black Lucite table you’ve ever seen. Double-click an album to play it, right-click it to go to its Wikipedia page (or do a Google Image search if it has yet to be tagged with art). Or just scroll through, blissfully remembering when we all used to buy CDs.

Sorry, Windows and Linux folk—CoverFlow is sadly Mac-only. Anyone know of any good Windows/Linux equivalents?