This week we’re unveiling PopSci‘s House of the Future in California—a real, live wonder-mansion built in partnership with Sunset magazine that contains all sorts of amazing gadgets and new technologies designed to make everyday life easier, more fun and better for the planet. As I write this, our publisher and ed-in-chief are in the Bay Area, preparing to fête the house’s big opening day. (Stay tuned for lots of coverage of the house in the coming months.)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, is celebrating the futuristic-house concept with the launch of a brand-new video blog called “Future Girl” (yup, that’s me). The first episode is all about—you guessed it—”Houses of the Future.” I talked to Barry Bergdoll, newly appointed curator of architecture and design at MoMA, about emerging trends in home design. I don’t want to give too much away, but Bergdoll’s vision includes “interactive membranes.” (It’s probably best if you just watch the video.)

So what’s the plan for “Future Girl”? Each month I will interview a notable innovator or expert from the world of science and technology, and probably dance around to the awesome theme song written by contributing troubador Jonathan Coulton. You will watch and laugh and learn. Doesn’t that sound nice? Check out the video here and let me know what you think. —Megan Miller

Link: Future Girl video