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No-Hassle Headset

This hands-free set can be connected to your landline and cellphone simultaneously, and it automatically adjusts volume and noise cancellation based on background din. Sennheiser BW900 $330;

Suck It Up

Putting the hose three inches off the floor-instead of the typical 30 to 45-increased this vacuum´s suction nearly sixfold. It also brought the center of gravity down to make the vac more stable. Electrolux Intensity $300;


Since you can´t hike with a Weber, take this packable stainless-steel grill. It weighs just over a pound and disassembles into a tube shorter than a spatula. Grilliput $30;

Pocket Scanner

At 8.9 inches long and half an inch thick, this smallest-ever document scanner rips text and color graphics to its eight-megabyte memory and charges via USB. PLANon DocuPen RC800 $300;