Dispatch From the Front

My cousin, Jonathan Adams, is an Army medic serving in Iraq. A few weeks ago, I sent him a care package with a bunch of PopSci magazines, books on military, space and technology subjects, Starbucks coffee, and some of the goofy gadgets that show up in the office from time to time, including a DJ sound mixing station they can use for parties and a hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered model car.

Thankfully, the box arrived safely. Here's a brief look into life over there:

"Eric: Thanks so much for the package. It was great. I've already read the book "Contract Warriors" and I'm now working on "First Man." My friend saw the book about the Navy Seal Corpsman and just had to read it while on leave, so I let him borrow it. I have passed around all of the magazines and all of my guys say thank you! The thumb-wrestling dragons cracked me up. When I actually get some solid free time, I'd like to mess around with the fuel cell kit. I have yet to completely read the article on the networked battlefield yet, though I have browsed it. Looks like all the contributors really did their research. Time is really flying by here. I should be going on leave at the end of next month...I can't wait!! Things do get crazy every now and then around here. I'm a medic for an infantry platoon in a cavalry squadron (battalion). I love my guys and we really take good care of each other. We spend most of our time "outside the wire" where cold water and an unoccupied cot is heaven sent. Just the other night, my platoon was hit with an IED while conducting a route recon. No one was injured thank God but two of my trucks were damaged, including mine. My lower back is a little sore from the concussion but nothing serious. We all actually got a kick out of it a few moments after it happened, yelling curses in the middle of the night to the bastards who set it off. But no time to be scared. Mission first. Going right back out tomorrow for another 5-7 days of fun. I hope all is well with you and your family. Thanks again for the package. It really lifted our spirits! Talk to you soon, Jon

—Eric Adams