Everyone, admit it: You’ve stolen wireless Internet before. And although popping on to some poor sucker’s unsecured network to BitTorrent last night’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance? is one of the Internet age’s great semilegal pleasures, having people ganking your wireless only impedes your God-given right to free dance-based reality-show downloads at a reasonable speed.

Yes, you could always just enable encryption on your router to stop casual users from freeloading. But instead of simply locking them out, wouldn’t you rather have them questioning their sanity by, say, redirecting all their traffic to Or by flipping all the images they see upside down, or making them all blurry? With a little Linux hacking, this guy split his network into two halves—an encrypted half for himself, and an unsecured, tweaked-out half for the Wi-Fi thieves. A pretty ingenious prank, if you ask me, especially if you have thin enough walls to hear your Interweb-stealing neighbors wondering where their marbles have gone. —John Mahoney

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