After reading about the JetBlue flight that was rerouted home to Newark last night after an all-female brawl broke out at 30,000 feet over the Atlantic, I got to thinking: With inexpensive, somewhat gimmicky airlines like JetBlue (no offense, JB, I still love you) taking over the skies in the U.S. and Europe, you’d think there would be more carriers playing an angle to capture market share, sans catfights. My suggestion: Air McDonald’s. What better way to start your vacation in America than with a Big Mac, a bucket of fries and a jug of soda, served up by the Hamburgler himself? Would you be “lovin’ it”? Or would you be “throwin’ up” in the bathroom with the flight attendants who had to serve fast food in recirculated air for 14 hours a day? After Hooters Air ceased all non-chartered operations earlier this year, I see a wide-open market. Anyone have any other ideas for a more succesful theme airline? —Joe Brown