Didn’t make the finals of American Inventor? Here’s your second shot at fame. Next week the Invention and New Product Exposition, or INPEX, offers tinkerers the chance to show their stuff to companies like Bosch, Dremel and Everlast.
Product hopefuls will include the Couch Potrayto, a tray attached to your sofa; Mr. Dunk, a plastic grip that makes cookie-dunking less messy; and Small Flat Bottle—a, well, small flat bottle. Even if these worthy products don’t get picked up for production, their inventors won’t walk away from the expo empty handed: They’ll learn plenty of tips at seminars led by master marketers, patent experts and two American Inventor also-rans. Have an invention you’d like to show the editors of PopSci? Click here to enter our 2006 Best of What’s New Awards. —Lauren Aaronson


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