Well, I’m sure they’ve known we were around before, but this article in today’s science section about high-tech solutions to the climate crisis reads like it could have been ripped straight from our pages. In fact, it nearly was! Our August 2005 issue (cover line: “Saving a Scorched Earth: 6 Spectacular Technologies to Halt Global Warming“) showed the orbiting sunshade on its cover. Inside, we examined cloud-creating yachts, described a plan to create carbon-dioxide–sucking algae blooms by fertilizing the ocean with iron powder, and took a close look at those space-based reflectors—all of which are featured prominently in the Times article. Our cover story this month, “The Energy Fix: 10 Steps to End America’s Fossil-Fuel Addiction,” presents yet another set of technologies (these more near-term) that could end the country’s dependence on foreign oil and reduce our total carbon footprint to nil (check out to read online). I’m thrilled that the Times is bringing more attention to innovative solutions to the climate problem, but please, guys, a little credit where credit is due, eh? —Michael Moyer