You’re walking down the street, and you know something isn’t right. People keep giving you that look. Is your fly unzipped? Hilarious “Kick me” sign taped to your back? Perhaps people are just staring at your brand-new video belt buckle.

Yes, that’s right. No longer is the giant brass Texas-shaped clasp the pinnacle of belt-closure fashion. Now we have the EgoKast—a belt-mounted video player that displays music clips, slideshows of photographs or ripped DVDs on a 3.5-inch screen mounted right above your crotch. The wearer of the EgoKast (“Disclaimer: This gets more attention than some people can handle,” warns the device’s Web site) can load video, music and photographs via the built-in SD-card slot. If you’re feeling a bit more modest, unclip it and use it as a standard portable music and video player.

I personally can’t imagine someone walking down the street with a color LCD screen on their belt buckle broadcasting highlights from the recent family vacation to SeaWorld. But rocking a waist-mounted 50 Cent video in the club? That just might work. —Carla Thomas

The Goods: July 2006