The next time you fly, do not go up to the automated-check-in kiosk unawares; thankfully, is here, teaching us that not all aisle seats are created equal. Simply find out what kind of plane you’ll be flying in (usually in your confirmation e-mail from sites like, then consult the site’s exhaustive catalogue of aircraft schematics, indicating each seat’s width and legroom measurements down to a tenth of an inch, the location of power outlets, the proximity of each seat to the galley or lavatory and much, much more. Roll your mouse over each seat to see what people who have actually flown in it have to report.

File this among the Web’s most ingeniously useful sites. I don’t even fly that much, and I still can’t get enough. But then again, I’ve been known to spend hours on —John Mahoney

Via Patrick Smith’s excellent “Ask the Pilot” column.
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