year ago this week, we sent John Hodgman, along with his pal and our contributing troubador Jonathan Coulton, to the E3 videogame conference to do some podcasting for us. The results were hilarious [download them here, here and here], and apparently people noticed. Today Hodgman is not only the “Resident Expert” on The Daily Show but also stars in Apple’s latest “Get a Mac” TV ads, in which he plays a hapless PC to a younger, hipper Mac. Oh, and he was recently profiled in Time magazine as one of the most innovative comedians today. OK, maybe Hodgman’s best-selling humor book, Areas of My Expertise, helped fuel his meteoric rise to fame, but at least we can say we knew him when. —Mike Haney

More Coulton and Hodgman podcasts: Best of What’s New Showcase, CES2006

New Apple ads