Ever gone camping in the boonies or looked out an airplane window and wondered, Hey, what are all those glowing dots in the sky? If you live in a city, even a small one, it’s likely that you’ve experienced the adverse effects of sky glow—that mildly unpleasant nighttime orangeness that keeps us from seeing even some of the brightest stars in the night sky.

Well, now you can circumvent this problem with the HomeStar Home Planetarium, a Japan-only toy brought to you by the folks at Sega. Forget the whole “nature” thing—just set up the $229 HomeStar on your bedside table, douse the lights, and bathe in the glow of its 10,000 LED-projected stars. You can even program it to switch itself off after you’ve been lulled into a deep astral sleep. Try getting the Milky Way to do that next time you’ve pitched your tent in the supposedly “great” outdoors. —John Mahoney

Link [via Gizmodo]