Burn Rubber and Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber’s strength-to-weight ratio makes it ideal for stealth bombers, bike frames and, now, luxury car tires
Courtesy Goodyear

Tires are built with either high sidewalls for a plush ride or low sidewalls for performance. Recognizing that handling and comfort shouldn´t be mutually exclusive traits in a tire, Goodyear created the new ResponsEdge Eagle [from $100; goodyeartires.com]. The Eagle is both shock-absorbing and responsive, thanks to a layer of carbon fiber embedded in the outer sidewall. The strong yet lightweight material helps the outer wall resist flexing during aggressive cornering, while the more forgiving traditional rubber construction of the inner wall soaks up bumps like a regular tire would. To enhance the ride even further, Goodyear also sandwiched a layer of vibration-absorbing Kevlar and nylon in between the tread and the structural steel belts.The Kevlar helps mitigate the stiffness of the carbon fiber and minimizes road noise. It´s the type of innovation that Danica Patrick and driver´s ed instructors can love.