I’m not a gamer, so I’ve never quite understood all the fuss about the wildly, internationally popular World of Warcraft. But then I found this video on You Tube, and my whole attitude changed. Look at how excited this dude is! It’s as if he’s celebrating the sudden release of his homeland from a centuries-old tyrannical dictatorship. Or at least like he just scored big in the Lotto Scratch-N-Win. So what really happened? He got to Level 60 in WOW. If it’s really that fun, maybe I should start playing.

Tangentially related cool thing: My colleague Martha, who heartily endorses the entertainment value of role-playing games (although not live-action ones—there are lines, apparently), dug up this pretty amazing movie, Illegal Danish – Super Snacks, which was made using the World of Warcraft platform. The movie won a bunch of awards, and you can even download the soundtrack. Can you believe I used to think of videogames as a waste of time?
—Megan Miller