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Bright Idea

Bright Idea Take two photos in rapid succession-one with the flash on, one with it off-with this five-megapixel pocket shooter. Pick the shot you like. Fujifilm FinePix, V10 $350;

Fender-Bender Buddy

These bright LED-powered flares are water-resistant and reusable. Three AAA batteries power each flare for 100 hours. Jeep Digital Flares, $60 for three;

Laser Chess

Laser Chess Move your Egyptian-themed mirrored pieces around the board to reflect the laser onto your opponent´s pharaoh and win the game. Deflexion, $45;

Hi-Fi Where-Am-I?

Hi-Fi Where-Am-I? With a tweeter up front and a 1.6-inch subwoofer in the back, this GPS navigation system produces sound you can actually understand. Sony NV-U70 $700;

Handheld A/V Powerhouse

This portable multi-media device can play more than 90 percent of audio and video formats. It even outputs high-def video and surround sound to your TV. 20 gigs. Tavi, $500; [

Keepin´ It Cool and Connected

Because one LCD screen isn´t enough, this refrigerator has one on each door. Play a DVD on the 15-inch screen while you catch a weather report on the four-incher. LG LSC2699OTT, $3,500; [

Mobile Professionals, Rejoice!

Mobile Professionals, Rejoice! Slightly smaller than a VHS tape, this mobile computer has two processors: a 400-megahertz mobile processor for light tasks such as Web surfing and a 1.5-gigahertz laptop chip that runs Windows XP for more intensive jobs like PowerPoint presentations. To conserve battery power, the individual processors don´t run when they´re not in use. Eight to 12 hours of battery life. DualCor cPC $1,500;

A Mouse Not Afraid of Water

A Mouse Not Afraid of Water A plastic sheath separates the magnetic scroll wheel from its internal magnetic counterparts. Remove the wheel and wash the mouse worry-free. Unotron ScrollSeal Washable Optical Mouse $50;

Custom Kicks

Wear these water shoes for 12 hours, and the polyethylene insoles mold to your feet. Mion, $100;

Headphones for Chainsaws

These noise-canceling headphones are tuned to counter the specific range of frequencies produced by the small engines in yard equipment. John Deere Noise Canceling Headset, $90;

Amp Wizardry

Amp Wizardry This amp separates the power supply from the main audio circuitry and monitors the voltage needs of the amp, adjusting power accordingly as the music plays. The result: sound that´s almost perfectly undistorted from the input signal, from 20 all the way to 20,000 hertz. Krell Evolution One, $50,000;

On-the-Go Downloads

The first portable player that downloads music directly to its hard drive via Wi-Fi. Four- and eight-gig models. PC-only. MusicGremlin, about $400;