Replacing your home office stereo
Living out of a suitcase
Toting to poker night

You shelled out hundreds of dollars for your portable music player, and logged hours and hours importing your CD collection and cherry-picking 99-cent downloads. Trapping your hard-earned stash in a pair of headphones is an injustice–and, frankly, selfish. Here’s how to turn your portable into a full-blown stereo system anytime, anywhere.

Best for: Replacing your home-office stereo
This Creative I-Trigue 3400 2.1-channel job won’t fit into your manpurse, but it’ll rock your office. Each speaker has three three-quarter-inch titanium diaphragms, whose strength-to-weight ratio accurately reproduces high and midrange frequencies. The foot-tall sub’s 6.5-inch throw moves enough air for low-rider-level bass. Jack into the wired remote, and drown out your noisy neighbors with 40 watts of power. 30Hz to 20kHz. $130

by James Worrell

Creative I-Trigue 3400

by James Worrell

JBL On Tour

by James Worrell

The Virgin Boomtube EX