Remember when Independence Day: Resurgence seemed like it was going to be the big alien invasion movie of the year? Yeah, not so much. But take a gander at the first full trailer for Arrival, a new sci-fi thriller starring Amy Adams (she of American Hustle and Enchanted fame), about a linguist called to help the U.S. Army communicate with extraterrestrials who descend all over Earth in eerie, pebble-shaped ships.

It looks great, doesn’t it? The trailer exhibits just the right amount of creepiness, tension, wonder, and anticipation. And I’ve got very high hopes as the film is directed by one Dennis Villeneuve, who also directed the critically acclaimed drug war thriller Sicario and the more divisive but undoubtedly interesting films Prisoners and Enemy, among others. He’s also the man directing the upcoming sequel to Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, so it’s good he’s getting his sci-fi muscles in shape on this film.

Arrival lands in theaters in North America on November 11, 2016.

[H/T: IndieWire]

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