These 800-lumen military flashlights are surprisingly affordable

You can get a two-pack now for only $17.99.

When adventure calls, it’s pretty essential to pack a good flashlight. If you’re looking for something bright and rugged, the Army Gear Tactical Flashlight should fit the bill. Used by the special forces, this pocket-sized beast kicks out 800 lumens with an adjustable beam. It’s also waterproof and virtually impossible to break. You can grab a two-pack now for only $17.99 via the PopSci Shop.

The Army Gear light might not look like a celestial object, but it’s about as bright as the sun. With the beam on full power, you can see way off into the distance and attract attention from miles around. You get six hours of illumination from three AAA batteries, and you can switch between three different power settings. You can also make the light strobe for safe cycling, or deploy SOS mode when trouble strikes.

Being made from titanium alloy, the Army Gear flashlight is both very light and remarkably strong. The waterproof design is ideal for outdoor adventures, and the head is smash-resistant. This means you can actually use your flashlight to break glass, or for self-defense.

They’re worth $59.99, but you can grab a two-pack of Army Gear flashlights now for just $17.99.