This 10-In-1 kit has everything you need for outdoor survival—and it’s only $30

Survive any outdoor adventure with one compact pack.

It’s easy to think of the outdoors as a giant playground. But when things go wrong, they can go very wrong. With the Army Gear 10-in-1 Survival and Camping Kit, you should be able to overcome any outdoor emergency. This compact kit includes a tactical knife, paracord, a compass, a firestarter, and many more essentials. You can grab one now for just $29.99 at the PopSci Shop.

Inside one compact carry case, this kit provides everything you could possibly need should your adventure take an unexpected turn. You get a tactical knife, with a built-in window breaker and rope/seatbelt cutter. Meanwhile, the ultra-strong 550 paracord bracelet can be unraveled to eight feet, with an integrated compass, a fire-starter, and a whistle.

You also get a 7′ x 5′ emergency thermal blanket that retains 90 percent of your body heat, and a weather-proof flint fire starter. The 500-lumen flashlight will keep you safe after dark, and the survival signal whistle should attract help with 150dB of sound. Finally, the pack includes a credit card-sized multitool and a tactical pen.

Worth $90, the Survival Pack is now only $29.99.