Explore electronics with this Arduino Uno starter kit and course bundle

Get an Arduino-compatible microcontroller board plus accessories and training for $51.99.

From smart speakers to connected thermostats, the Internet of Things is pretty amazing. But how do these devices actually work? The Arduino Uno Ultimate Starter Kit & Course Bundle lets you explore this topic through fun weekend projects. The bundle includes your very own microcontroller, accessories and 16 hours of video tutorials. You can get it now for just $51.99 at the PopSci Shop.

Whether you’re an aspiring inventor or simply looking for something to fill the long winter evenings, this bundle has you covered.

The starter kit includes an Arduino-compatible Vilros Uno — a powerful microcontroller that acts as the brain for your projects. You also get a 72-page beginner’s guide, and a variety of sensors, cables, servos, and other components to play with.

To help you make something great out of all this hardware, the bundle includes four video courses. Arduino Zero to Hero covers all the basics, and the three Crazy About Arduino workshops are packed with brilliant projects. By Level 3, you will be able to build a Web-based data logger, complete with weather sensors.

Order now for $51.99 to get this exciting DIY bundle, worth $354.96.