The robot looked at the woods and saw a home. Cameras scanned the trees and algorithms plotted the shape of the wood, finding the center lines and individual strength. Mechanical brains tessellated the shape into a working form, and the robot knew what it must build.

In the architecture lab, the robot set to work, trimming, carving, and shaping the logs. The form emerged from the trees, metal refining wood like hominids had first done thousands of years ago.

Humans helped, executing the machine’s vision, and the structure was built. The machine, limited by its body, planned and crafted the structure. They can not build it on their own, yet, but that is simply a matter of time and desire.

This was done as a proof-of-concept, by students at London’s Architectural Association School, to see if a robot could produce a Woodchip Barn. The proof was a wild success.

Watch it below:

Robots photo