Arcadia Power helps you switch to green energy in minutes

It could even save you money.

For anyone who cares about the environment, energy is a difficult topic. You don’t want to support coal power, but finding a green alternative is easier said than done.

Arcadia Power wants to change that for good. This digital utility lets you switch to renewable energy in minutes and save money on your bills. The best part? It’s absolutely free to sign up.

You can think of Arcadia Power as your green energy guide. When you connect your local utility account, the platform finds the best renewable tariff for your area. Arcadia Power then shows you how much you could save, and helps you make the switch.

Once you’re on board, the Arcadia Power smartphone app helps you manage your account. Through the app, you can view your energy usage, track your environmental impact, and check out your savings.

But that’s not all. Arcadia Power continues to assist you after the first switch. The platform can automatically transfer you to the lowest priced green provider in your area, and help you subscribe to community solar projects.

The app even lets you purchase energy-saving devices, such as a smart thermostat, with zero down-payment. Arcadia Power will take the full price from your energy savings over time.

Signing up with Arcadia Power is completely free, with no obligation to switch and no equipment to install. Enter your email today to see how much you could save by switching to green energy.