AquaSprouts Garden is a beautifully balanced ecosystem on your desk

Fish provide the nutrients, while plants clean the water.

One of the many great wonders of our planet is the way that ecosystems stay so finely in balance. This self-righting ability is fascinating and it’s the only reason Earth remains livable for us.

While it’s difficult to admire the entire Amazon rainforest from your desk, the AquaSprouts Garden lets you look after a tiny ecosystem all of your own. The device combines a planter and an aquarium (sold separately), allowing plants and fish to work in harmony. Aside from organic aesthetics, it allows you to grow some tasty veggies.

You can currently get the AquaSprouts Garden for $159.95 at the PopSci Shop—that’s $20 off the MSRP. Read on for a closer look at the AquaSprouts Garden.

How it works

AquaSprouts Garden
AquaSprouts Garden Stack Commerce

You can also watch this video to learn more in-depth how the AquaSprouts Garden works.

The bed is made up of custom-molded pieces that snap together in a minute. It comes with an optional light attachment and an expanded clay growing medium. This material supports the roots of your plants and maintains a healthy water level. It also provides a good surface for soil microbes to grow—essential for plant nutrients.

The bed is designed to bridge over any 10-liter fish tank. It comes with a 160-gallon per hour pump that both keeps the water clean and recycles nutrients into your plant bed. This allows the AquaSprouts Garden to be completely self-sufficient.

What can you grow? An impressive range of flowers, herbs and veggies, that’s what. From edible nasturtium flowers to leafy lettuce and mint, this versatile planter has you covered.

If you fancy bringing this circle of life into your home, now is a good time to buy. The AquaSprouts Garden is currently 11 percent off at the PopSci Shop, bringing the price down to $159.95. Order now and get ready to receive your own tiny ecosystem.