Apple Watch accessories that are worth your time

For power, customization, and protection.

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Since buying an Apple Watch last year, I have tried dozens of accessories to protect, charge, and show off my watch. Last month, Apple announced the Series 4, a smartwatch model with a larger screen and some sweet health features and upgrades. I’m upgrading, so I decided to update my recommended accessories list, too. Below, the Apple Watch add-ons that were worthwhile.

Add some style to your Apple Watch. These Belkin classic Italian leather wristbands are 3 mm thick and come in sizes for both 38-40mm and 42-44mm watches.

If you have a favorite watch band that doesn’t make a model for the Apple Watch, don’t worry. These stainless steel band adapters are available in three colors—grey, pink gold, and silver—and come in sizes for both the 38mm and 42mm models.

Belkin products come with built-in magnetic Apple Watch chargers. The Belkin Valet charging dock lets you charge your Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time. It comes with a lightning cable for your iPhone and plugs into a standard wall outlet.

If you’re looking for a portable charger, Belkin makes a 2,000-mAh powerbank that comes with micro-USB cable.

Spigen’s Apple Watch stand features a non-slip bottom so your watch won’t fall while it’s charging and positions your watch upwards and sideways so you can use it in Nightstand Mode as a digital clock. The dock—which doesn’t come with a magnetic charging cable—is compatible with all Apple Watch models and is available in five color options.

Sometimes the Apple Watch feels more fragile than it really is. If you’re overly cautious about dinging your watch’s screen, this 44mm model protective casing and watch band can ease your concerns. It’s got shock absorbing bumpers that still allow access to all the buttons and features.

These flexible Apple Watch screen protectors are available for both 44mm and 40mm watches. The TechSkin protects against scratches, punctures, and UV light.