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Apple may have a manufacturer picked out for the first Apple car, and it may be a luxury maker.

The Financial Times reported today that Apple is in talks with McLaren Technology Group, the high-end luxury car maker. Three sources told them that talks were ongoing.

It’s unclear whether the conversation Apple is having is about partnering or purchasing with McLaren. It’s also unclear how far the talks have gone. Following the report, a spokesperson for McLaren told The Verge that it “is not in discussion with Apple in respect of any potential investment.”

McLaren is a small manufacturer, and produced less than 2,000 cars last year, which might signal that Apple isn’t looking to flood the market with cars–at least if all these rumors are true.

Driverless cars are the en vogue technology these days. Yesterday, President Obama laid out new regulations to help the industry succeed. Apple clearly wants in on the action.

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