Apple announced a wireless alternative for headphone users with a lot of perks. The company’s new AirPod headphones are wireless buds that seamlessly link between all of your Apple devices. They carry a 5-hour charge, but come in a case that charges them while stored for an additional 24 hours of charge.

It’s a pretty impressive offering, especially given the amount of frustration expressed by iPhone loyalists over the company’s now-confirmed plans to kill the headphone jack and leave most headphones out in the cold or needing an adapter dongle. According to the Apple Store listing, AirPods connect via Bluetooth, so you may be able to use them with other devices as well.

Of course the obvious problem is that earbud-style headphones aren’t great at staying in everyone’s ears. Losing these little guys doesn’t seem so hard in a world of sidewalk grates, spaces between cushions and bottomless purses.

Still, for as long as you manage to avoid losing them, they’ll offer touch-responsive Siri communication with a double tap. They use a sensor to shut off when they’re not in your ear, and they include a microphone that isolates your voice for all those Siri commands and phone calls (because remember we still have phones in all this new technology).

Update: A previous version of this story said AirPods do not connect via Bluetooth. The Apple Store listing for AirPods says they do, and this story has been changed to reflect that. Popular Science apologizes for the mistake.