Captured By Drones

As major flooding intensified in parts of Louisiana this week, a group of drone-filmmakers named Atmosphere Aerial documented the rising waters and destruction in the Baton Rouge area, which was announced as a disaster zone by President Obama on August 14. To read more about the footage, check out our article here and watch the videos here.

Uber Autonomous Vehicles

Uber, the ride-sharing company, may beat out its competitors this month by being the first to get autonomous vehicles out on the road. Yesterday, Bloomberg reported that the company’s self-driving cars could take to the roads of Pittsburgh some time this summer. The company doesn’t think the test run in Pittsburg will run without any mistakes, that’s pretty much unavoidable. But, the test is a necessary one, and represents a major step forward.

Meet Cholula, Barley, And Hops

Three tiny adorable grey mouse lemur babies were born on July 8th at the Duke Lemur Center in North Carolina. Native to Madagascar, they each weigh seven grams and are named Cholula, Barley, and Hops.

Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse II flies over the Golden Gate Bridge

The Act Of Bleaching

While coral bleaching tops the headlines this year, researchers at the Queensland University of Technology created an experiment to catch the act in real time. They simply turned up the temperatures and saw the bleaching in action. To find out more, read our article here.

Spotted At Our Parks

You’ve seen clouds that look like an animal, but have you ever seen something like this? The US Department of the Interior shared this photo via Twitter of a bolt of lightning that looks strangely like a T. Rex. You can find out more about the photo, taken in Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park, here.

Floating On Sound

A team of international researchers published a study in Applied Physics Letters showing this amazing stunt — a foam ball floating on sound. They used acoustic waves to lift the golf-ball sized object. They’re already looking toward the future in what the practical applications can be, and you can find out more here.

Party Like Its 1000 CE

An ancient Mayan calendar, known as the Dresden Codex, may have been used to plan holiday celebrations, says a UC Santa Barbara anthropologist. The calendar, which tracks the trajectory of the planet Venus, may have been used for planning parties that coincided with particular positions of Venus in the sky.

The Robonaut Wants YOU To Program Its Brains

NASA announced a contest this week to find a programmer for its six foot, 300-pound humanoid robot. Whoever can program the robot, called Robonaut 5, to perform damage control after a Martian dust storm that has damaged a habitat will get $1 million. The robot must be programmed to complete three objectives: Align a communications dish, repair a solar array, and fix a leak in the hab.

Correction, 8/19/2016 at 12:10PM: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that George Takei experienced “zero gravity”. In fact, he experienced “zero g”. There’s a difference.