December 1982

The Future Then: The Monerai, an ultralight glider kit designed to keep costs down for model-airplane enthusiasts The Future Now: A hybrid plane that emits 60 percent less carbon dioxidea€”and keeps costs down for airline passengers

December 1926

The Future Then: Leonard W. Bonney, who learned to fly with Orville Wright, makes a plaster-cast airplane with wings controlled by a hydraulic lever. The Future Now: Festo, a German technology company, makes a robot inspired by the herring gull. Called the SmartBird, it flaps and flies like the real thing.

September 1928

The Future Then: Dick Byrd explains why he will fly across the Arctic: a€œThere lies . . . a vast unknown region . . . that the eyes of man have never looked upon.a€ The Future Now: The U.S. Air Force announced that its X-37B space plane has orbited the Earth for a yeara€”but just what the plane is doing up there, the military will not say.

July 1958

The Future Then: The Rascal, a€œone of a large and fast-growing family of guided air missilesa€ The Future Now: Required Navigation Performance, the next generation of GPS that allows aircraft to safely approach nearly any runway